Blood and Wine Gwent Cards – New Cards in the latest Witcher 3

The 31st May 2016 is a big day for Gwent fans. The new Blood and Wine Witcher DLC was released and comes with  lots of new Gwent cards, new cards abilities, tournaments and even a new Gwent Faction: Skellige! It is available on all common platforms. Find the new Blood and Wine cards, their abilities and their locations below.

List of the new Blood and Wine Gwent Cards -Witcher 3

Below you’ll find the list of the new Gwent Cards that are available in the new Blood and Wine DLC in the Witcher 3 game. Note that the list is still work in progress and we’ll complete the list as we encounter the new cards.

Preview Card Name Unit Strengh Card Abilities Location Faction
crach an craite blood and wine gwent card Crach an Craite Unknown yet Unknown yet Skellige Leader
 hjalmar blood and wine gwent card Hjalmar  10 Hero Unknown yet Skellige
 clan brokvar archer baw gwent card Clan Brokvar Archer  6 Unknown yet Skellige
 war longship gwent card blood and wine new War Longship 6 Tight Bond Unknown yet Skellige
berserker gwent card blood and wine dlc Berserker  4 Berserker Unknown yet Skellige
 donar an hindar blood and wine gwent card Donar an Hindar  4 Unknown yet Skellige
udalryk blood and wine new gwent card Udalryk  4 Unknown yet Skellige
 light longship baw gwent card Light Longship  4  Muster Unknown yet Skellige
 clan heymaey skald new blood and wine gwent card Clan Heymaey Skald  4  – Unknown yet Skellige
holger blackhand baw gwent card witcher 3 Holger Blackhand  4  – Unknown yet Skellige
birna bran card blood-and wine gwent witcher 3 Birna Bran  2  Medic Unknown yet Skellige
young berserker baw gwent card witcher 3 Young Berserker  2  Berserker Unknown yet Skellige
madroeme gwent card blood and wine witcher Madroeme  –  Triggers Berserk ability Unknown yet Skellige


New Gwent Card abilities in the Blood and Wine DLC:

  • Berserker – Turns into a bear if there’s a Madroeme in the same row.
  • Tight Bond – Place next to a card with the same name to double the strength of both cards.
  • Medic – Choose one card from your discard pile and play it instantly (no heroes or special cards).
  • Muster – Summon all other units of the same name from the deck.

New Gwent Faction: Skellige Deck


The biggest new feature is clearly a complete new deck for the Gwent card game – Skellige. The Skellige deck consists of burly men and women, viking boats and bearsand and there will be several new card abilities we haven’t seen before. Not all new cards are discovered yet but we’ll keep updating the list as soon as we encounter new counters. A good place to start is definitely to purchase and challenge all merchants in  Toussaint.

Blood and Wine Gwent Cards

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About the Blood and Wine DLC


Blood and wine is the lastofficial expansion pack for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, an award-winning role-playing game set in a vast fantasy open world. It was released on the 31th of May 2016 and includes several hours of additional gameplay and new locations,  monsters, gear and characters.

Hearts of stone new monsters Witcher 3

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