Playing Innkeepers – Gwent Quest

At all places where there are Inns (big cities in  Velen, Novigrad and Skellig) you can often find an Innkeeper, who sells Gwent Cards. If you want to collect all Cards in the Game for the Collect ‘Em All Gwent Quest you should always buy every card from them when you have the opportunity. Some of those Innkeepers are most of the time more or less good Gwent Players but if you win a game of Gwent against them they will provide with you with exclusive Gwent Card for your deck.

  • In this quest you’ll face 3 Innkeepers, each will reward you with a unique hero Gwent card. Find below your opponents and the rewarded Gwent card list.

Opponents & locations in the Playing Innkeepers Quest:


  • Stejpan at the Alchemy Inn (Oxenfurt)
  • Oliver at the Kingfisher Inn (Novigrad)
  • The Inkeeper of the Inn at the Crossroads (Velen)

Quest Description

In this Quest you’ll have to play against 3 Innkeepers. The first one can be found in the city of Oxenfurt, where you’ll find the Innkeeper Stjepan in The Alchemy Inn. Challenge him for a game of Gwent, win against him and collect his unique card Yennefer of Vengenberg.  After you’ve won against him and you’ll unlock the Innkeeper Oliver of the Kingfisher Inn in Novigrad as quest objective. Once you’ve won a Gwent game against him and collected his unique card Tibor Eggebracht the next and last opponent on your list will unlock. It’s the Innkeeper of the Inn at the Crossroads. Challenge and win against him to unlock his unique card: Menno Coehorn. Once you’ve won against all 3 Innkeepers the Playing Innkeepers Quest will be completed and you’ve earned some good cards for you Gwent collection.

Quest Cards – overview

Card Charakter Name Location 
Stjepan  The Alchemy Inn (Oxenfurt) Yennefer of Vengenberg
Oliver Der Kingfisher Inn (Novigrad) Tibor Eggebracht
Inkeeper Inn at the Crossroads Menno Coehhoorn


Received cards in this quest

Quest Objectives:

Completed the following objectives to successfully finish this Quest:

  • Play and win  against Stejpan at the Alchemy Inn (Oxenfurt)
  • Play and win against Oliver at the Kingfisher Inn (Novigrad)
  • Play and win against the Inkeeper of the Inn at the Crossroads (Velen)

Quest Hints

  • Start this quest as soon as you can in the game to stock up your Gwent collection. The Yennefer of Vengenberg card is a migthy card that will help you on at this soon stage of your Gwent adventures.

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