Velen Players – Gwent Quest

Though to the escalating war situation in Velen there are still some good Gwent Players in this region. Most of the time it’s players you’ve already met or will meet while completing you Witcher 3 main quests or players that are acquainted in the area. Search the villages or populated areas in Velen or look for notice boards in the area.

Opponents & locations in the Velen Players Gwent Quest:


  • Bloody Baron in Crow’s Perch
  • Old Sage in Benek
  • Soothsayer (boatbuilder) in Oreton
  • Hadko the Card Prodigy in Midcopse

Quest Description

Your first opponent if this quest will be no other than the bloody baron himself. You can start the Velen Players Gwent Quest by approaching him during the main quest and challenge him for a game of Gwent or read the notice board in Crow’s Perch mentioning the barons looking for an opponent. Beat him and win his unique Gwent card: Sigismund Dijkstra. After his loss he’ll tell you about the Seer (Old Sage) in Benek and his Gwent skills. Visit him in Benek to get you first Crone card – the Weavess. Once you’ve beaten the Old Sage your next opponent on the list is the soothsayer (boatbuilder) in Oreton. Challenge and beat him to get the unique Letho of Gulet card from him. Now you’ll face your final opponent of this quest – Hadko the Card Prodigy. You’ll find him in Midcopse, but be prepared, he’s having a strong deck and can be quite a challenge. Once beaten Hadko you’ll receive the unique Vernon Roche card from him, the quest will be completed and you’ll have stocked up you Gwent deck with some powerful cards.

HINT: You should start this quest as soon as possible in the game once you’ve met the bloody baron as the baron might get killed or leave Velen with his wife if you continue his quest-line without challenging him for a Gwent game.

Quest cards and opponents overview

Card Charakter Name Location 
Sigismund Dijkstra Bloody Baron Crow’s Perch
Letho of Gulet Seer (Old Sage) Benek
Crone: Weavess Soothsayer (boatbuilder) Oreton
Vernon Roche Hadko the Card Prodigy Midcopse

Received cards in this quest

Quest Objectives

The following objectives must be completed to successfully  finish the Velen Players Gwent Quest:

  • Win a unique card from the bloody baron in Crow’s Perch
  • Win a unique card from the  old sage in Benek
  • Win a unique card from the  soothsayer (boatbuilder) in Oreton
  • Win a unique card from Hadko the Card Prodigy in Midcopse

Quest Hints

  • Start the quest through the bloody baron as soon as you can. He may die later in a side quest, depending on your decision.
  • This quest rewards you with some good Gwent cards at an early stage of the game. Start it soon to be prepared for the bigger Gwent players in harder Gwent quests.

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